White Plains

White Plains, New York

Locate a Court Reporter in White Plains, New York

Do you need a court reporter for a deposition in White Plains, New York and want a spacious conference room? Well, you've found just that and better yet, our conference room is available at a low cost. Our office is conveniently located in downtown White Plains, New York and each court reporter we provide and/or legal video specialist uses the latest technologies providing service in all of Westchester County. We also offer realtime court reporter and rush services. Each realtime court reporter has remote access capability, so if some of your team cannot attend the deposition in White Plains, WhitePlainsCourtReporter.com offers remote access over the internet so attorneys can view the transcripts live as the deposition takes place.

Find a Legal Videographer in White Plains, NY

Your deposition in White Plains may also require a videographer. Whether you use our conference room or need a videographer at a hotel or law office, know that our videographer will be professional and highly trained.

Our certified legal video specialists are certified in trial presentation using Trial Director. We can manage and present your case to the jury including transcripts, synchronized video and exhibits complete with your customized annotations.

At WhitePlainsCourtReporter.com we also provide transcription services and CART as well as additional videotaping services including documenting inventories and site inspections.